About Chuckov a. k. a. Charly Cov

Hello, my name is Carlos Covarrubias. I am the creator of this blog/website, comics and writer of, so far, one novel in Spanish.

I worked for 10 years in the entertainment field in Los Angeles, a time in which I could met a lot of interesting people and know about the "industry".

In 2012 I came to the City of Guadalajara in Mexico for living.

I am the CEO for the fictitious tv producer company Gay me Crazy Networks.

I am also the PR/Manager for the fictitious personalities on this site. I am proud to represent a wide mix of the LGBT community in the US and Mexican market.

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Wupi comics and Gay me Crazy are created by Carlos Covarrubias a.k.a. Chuckov.

My goal is to present stories that promote human values and integrity; such as love, friendship, love to animals and respect for the nature and the planet Earth.

The content I create is friendly for teenager 14 years old and above. However, only parents decide what their kids are allowed to see and consume.

These comics do not show graphic sex or frontal nudity. They may show some partial nudity and can suggest sex situations as long as affective relationships between same sex people.

I really appreciate your respect for this site and my work. Also, I respect your right to chose what you think is good for you and your children.

Oxer´s Journey

Oxer´s Journey
How far would you go to forget your first love?