Monday, October 10, 2022

Oxer, Alivari´s version

Jelou! I am Chuckov.

Today I am presenting the concept art for the characters of "Oxer´s Journey".

This is the first drawing of Oxer as he usually dress in his planet Alivari. What can I say, they are very sexy over there. 

Alivari´s society is more advanced that we are. So, since they do no eat all the garbage we do on Earth, they have good looking bodies.

But, but, I must say that sexuality is also a little different in Alivari. They are more spiritual humans. Sex does not have double standars for example.

Anyways, take a closer look to this picture in here.

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Oxer´s Journey

Oxer´s Journey
How far would you go to forget your first love?