Monday, October 17, 2022

Meet Friglut

This natural athlete is Friglut.

He is Oxer´s best friend. Although he is also the guy who broke his heart.

At this point you will have to wait for the comic to see what really happened between these two.

Friglut is two years older than the twins Oxer and Tina. The three of them are very close because they were raised together, their parents are also best friends. 

Friglut has always been the older brother for Oxer and Tina.

He is pursuing a career in the Alivari Space Team, since a teenager he learnt to fly spaceships. He actually is a member of a rescue team.

This is the concept art for Friglut.

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Oxer´s Journey

Oxer´s Journey
How far would you go to forget your first love?